Berat and valdete gegaj

Berat and Valdete Gegaj are the founders of Kosovo Hope. They have two kids and live and work in Suhareke, Kosovo. They started Kosovo Hope because they are passionate about bringing hope to their community and their nation. They are also some of the most hospitable people you’ll ever meet. If you ever visit them, you’ll immediately feel right at home. As they always say, “Our home is your home.” But this level of warmth and love that you feel in their home doesn’t end there. It radiates from them everywhere they go, whether meeting with officials, getting coffee with students, or taking a jeep ride with friends up a mountain. Their hope and love is contagious and inspiring to everyone they meet, making them amazing leaders, teammates, and friends.


john and meagan walden

John and Meagan Walden were married in 2013 and are from Southern Illinois, USA.  The Waldens are passionate about mentoring relationships and believe wholeheartedly in this proverb: “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Therefore, they seek to walk alongside their friends, co-workers, and family to help themselves and others grow into who God made them to be. During her free time, Meagan likes to journal while sipping on hot coffee, go for a hike in any of Kosovo’s beautiful mountain ranges, or make to-do lists or spreadsheets to stay organized. Meanwhile, you’ll find John taking free online classes, playing tabletop games with friends, or riding his dirtbike in the fields and mountains around Suhareke.


thomas and karen couch

Thomas and Karen Couch are originally from Texas in the United States of America and were married in 2008 after attending Texas A&M University. They have two girls, Sarah and Hannah, who love to join mom and dad in all of their work and play, and generally just love life. The Couch family love living life outside and believe that the outdoors are the perfect environment to learn more about yourself, about your trail companions, and about the God who created all of it, leaving His fingerprints on every piece. Their favorite activities include hiking, camping, biking, and skiing along with eating really good food.


adam and raelene fischer

Adam and Raelene are from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. They were married in 2009 and have two beautiful, little girls. Adam is passionate about storytelling and is using his photography and videography skills for Kosovo Hope. Adam and Raelene love to get involved in their local community and desire to see positive change brought about through leadership training and one-on-one conversations. Adam and Raelene also love good coffee, traveling together, and discovering new places as a family.