Here are some of the projects that we’re working on right now that we’re really excited about.

outdoor adventure program

Throughout the year we gather to explore the beautiful land of Kosovo. Outdoor adventure is a great way to experience first hand one of Kosovo Hope’s core values, unity. As we journey together through these adventures we develop as individuals and at the same time as a team supporting and encouraging one another. Participants will have the opportunity to learn specific outdoor adventure skills, environmental needs of the land, as well as leadership skills that can transfer back into everyday life at school, work, and home.  



exchange program

During our annual summer camp, student participants can take an English test and go through an interview process for a chance to be selected to participate in the annual exchange program to the United States. During the exchange, students are immersed in English and American culture. They stay with host families, participate in an intensive English course at a community college, and are provided safe spaces to dialogue with people of different religious backgrounds.



summer camp

Every year a team of students and adults from the United States comes to Kosovo to assist Kosovo Hope in providing a two-week summer camp. This is an awesome opportunity for Kosovar students to come and practice their English, learn leadership skills, grow in their creativity, and learn how to effectively serve their communities. Some examples of summer camp activities are English classes with native English speakers, arts and creativity, sports, a hiking day, and many opportunities to build deep relationships with new friends.


medical exchange

A team of medical professionals from the United States comes to Kosovo every summer to partner with Kosovar medical professionals in providing free medical care to underserved villages around Kosovo. This is a great opportunity for American and Kosovar medical professionals to learn from one another and practice servant leadership.



service projects

Two of Kosovo Hope’s highest held values are service and investment, so we try our best to give back to our community in ways that will have long-term impacts. Therefore, we gather together groups of volunteers to participate in service projects whenever we see a need we believe we can meet. We hope that through our example of serving others in need, we will influence current leaders and raise up future leaders to have the same mindset.